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We're devoted to your business. We'll always be looking for new ways to ensure you're getting the best experience from our directory, along with forging new opportunities for your information to be at consumers fingertips
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We're always ready to answer any of your questions & queries. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Always Improving

Our dedicated team of developers are constantly working on new, super awesome features to implement.

Best Quality

We try our hardest to follow best practices, optimise performance & security to create the best user experience for both businesses and consumers.

Money Back Guarantee

You've got 3 Months test-driving to decide if it's for you, if you're unhappy with it, for any reason, just drop us an email and we'll take take of you. Full 100% Refund!


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, We feel that everyone should sign up their business. Its a great way of putting yourself directly in front of new customers, increasing your online presence and position in search engines, but it also enhances customer experience and trust in your business.

Our Starter listing package is only £3 for the year and offers you a great way of gaining customer feedback with the handy review feature.

For Sure! You can send you query directly to or use the form on our Contact page.

We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

We currently offer 4 packages; Trial, Free, Starter & Unlimited.


Our Trial package is a week long insight into our Unlimited package, this will allow you to get a feel for the service with no limitation, create as many listings as you like in as many categories as you like and display a Business Description, Location Map, Contact Information, Photo Gallery, Video, Opening Hours and gather Reviews. At the end of the week if you’ve enjoyed the service you can continue the service by simply upgrading to one of our main packages.



Our Free package is exactly that, FREE! It gives you some of the great features of our directory at no cost what so ever. With this package you can post a single listing in 3 categories and include a Business Description, Location Map, Photo Gallery and Contact Information. If you are looking to post in more categories and gather reviews you’d need to look at our Starter package.


Starter: (£3 Per Year)

Our Starter package is great for any business setting out, you can post 5 listings in 10 categories and display a Business Description, Location Map, Contact Information, Photo Gallery along with gathering Reviews. If this still doesn’t sound enough and your looking to display opening hours, engage customers with video content and feature your business in more categories you’d find yourself more suited to our Unlimited package.


Unlimited: (£15 Per Year)

The Unlimited package is well, totally unlimited, any number of listings in any number of categories and able to display a Business Description, Location Map, Contact Information, Photo Gallery, Video, Opening Hours as well as gathering Reviews.

Yes! We constantly work to follow best practices where security and data are concerned. We will never share any personal data held and only display what you have approved to use in your listing.


If you feel we’re missing a category that best defines your business just get in touch, we’ll add it!

Yes, anyone can review your business.

All submissions must be accompanied with a name and email address to be validated before being published.

We understand having an open review platform can be a daunting prospect and could be an avenue for malicious reviews, thats why we won’t approve any review lower than 3 stars without more information into the circumstance, along with always being open to any queries or challenges you might have about a review on your profile. Creating a FAIR community is our top priority!

There are a number of ways you can create a listing, but if you’re new to SMASH: Directory the easiest way would be to keep scrolling down to the “Fair Pricing” section and selecting your preferred plan. Once you’ve selected the plan and clicked on the “Get Started” you’ll be directed to My Listings page, from there you can either Login Or Register, after filling in all fields and agreeing to our terms and conditions you can select “Sign Up” this would have now created you an account and refreshed the page. Towards the top right, just above the mustard banner, you’ll find a “Create Listing” tab, after selecting that you will be directed to a Create New Listing page where you will be directed through steps to select your listing type, input information, social links, contact information along with photos and video (depending on plan) once you have gone through all steps and included all information you wish to list you can now select to publish you listing. Once you have published your listing we’ll review it, and post it if all is in order. We aim to approve all listings within 24 hours of them being published.

Yes, you can cancel and remove any listing, post or subscription at any time.

Any purchased packages are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, You’ve got 3 months to test-drive SMASH: Directory and decide if its for you, if you’re unhappy, for any reason, just drop us an email and we’ll take care of it, 100% refund.

Of Course, in the “My Listings” control panel there is a “Membership” section, from there you can see your current package and make a selection to change over to any of our other packages.

We do indeed, SMASH: Directory is a division of Smash Your Market Limited, A UK based Business Consultancy firm offering a vast selection of services to aid any size business, if you are interested in how we can further help your business please get in touch.

Smash Your Market Limited

5th Floor, 1 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY


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Sixty Seconds Video Marketing

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A few testimonials about our directory, products and listings.

Exactly What We Were Looking For

This directory is exactly what we were looking for.

It has enabled us to interact with customers and get reviews without subscribing to hundreds of pounds like most of the other review sites.

I would highly recommend this directory.

It has done wonders for our business.

- Katherine

I Would Compel Any Business To Join

Im really impressed with the listing and everything that we get for £3 A YEAR?! I would compel any business to join this directory. It’s only early days but I can see this really helping my business.

- Brian


I stumbled across this directory whilst searching free directories to boost online presence. compared to all the other directories this one has some really great features and makes my business look great, its nice that my listing is mine and not overrun with 3rd party ads being shoved down my customers throats. After the free trial I realised how awesome this directory could be and signed up for the unlimited package straight away. Its only been a couple of weeks and already I’m seeing results and customers seem to really like the review feature.

- Jon

Great Support

Thanks Sam in support! She practically set up my listing and gave me some great tips how to get the most from my page

- Emma

Love It

I love all the features, even a free listing is loaded with great options.

- Rachael


We offer some great pricing options to suit most businesses.
If you're after something specific or need help selecting the right plan don't hesitate to get in touch.



£0 / year

  • SupportEmail Support
  • Max Listings1
  • Max Categories3
  • Listing details
  • Gallery
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Video
  • Reviews
  • Opening hours
Get Started


Best choice

£3 / year

  • Support Email Support
  • Max Listings 5
  • Max Categories10
  • Listing details
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Video
  • Opening hours



£7 / year

  • SupportEmail Support
  • Max Listings10
  • Max Categories20
  • Listing details
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • Contact



£15 / year

  • Support Email Support
  • Max Listings Unlimited
  • Max CategoriesUnlimited
  • Listing details
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • Contact
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